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Research & Achievement

Passer Lanyu is assessed as Jiangsu High-Tech Enterprise that has its own independent insulation laboratory. We have established good cooperation relationship with Classification Society, Shipowner, Shipyard, Engineering Company, Raw Material Supplier and Research Institutions.

Passer Lanyu devotes to continuously providing more efficient, safety, reliable cryogenic Tank & Pipe Insulation Installation and Maintenance Solution, which is based on theoretical simulation, abundant experience and sufficient test supports.

1.Tank Insulation Research & Calculation

  ● Boil Off Rate Calculation (free online)

  ● Holding Time Calculation

  ● Heat Transmission Calculation

  ● Finite Element Analysis

  ● Dynamic Cargo Condition Simulation


Type-C Mock Up LN2 Cooling Down Test

Type-B Mock Up LN2 Cooling Down Test

Hot Cutting and Welding Sparks on Foam

Hammer Test on Real Tank Insulation

BOR Calculation

Finite Element Analysis


2.Pipe Insulation Research & Calculation

  ● Personal Protection Calculation

  ● Condensation Control Calculation

  ● Heat Flow Limitation Calculation

  ● Finite Element Analysis

Pipe Injection Insulation Test

Pipe Section Cutting Test

Pipe Insulation LN2 Cooling Down Test

Flammability and Physical Property Test


3.Research Achievement 

1) Patents

Passer Lanyu has more than 26 patents domestic and overseas with independent intellectual property rights.

2) Third Party Certificates

Passer Lanyu has more than 50 test reports from National Laboratories or Class Approved Laboratories 

 which can fulfill the requirements of IGC, IGF and Classification Society.