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LANYU Heavy Duty Insulation System

LANYU Heavy Duty Insulation is an independent development of patented technology that has higher efficiency of insulation, bonded system, Certificate No. 16888236, Certificate No. 3786250, Certificate No. 4234066, and Application No. 201410111805.3  as well as great fire resistance and anti-collision performance. It has been successfully applied to multiple LPG/LEG/LNG tanks and pipeline projects.

It is multilayer seamless polyurethane spray foam system with outer prefabricated barrier of stainless steel mesh reinforced polyurea (Passer Lanyu Tough Coat). Final PU foam will be injected between sprayed layers and tough coat for 100% bonded, pretension, and smooth surface.

1. Improved smoother surface

2. Best on fire resistance

3. Improved non-corrosive, flexible, mechanical properties with highest impact protection

4. Best on sealing system, no water penetration

5. Suitable for all weather conditions

Performance comparison:

Comparison video of Lanyu heavy duty insulatin VS PIR Insulation including fire test and mechanical test.